Modern Mexican

I don’t know about you, but I love Mexican food.  While Chipotle satisfies my cravings on weeknights, it can’t quite fulfill a weekend taco kick.  For those Saturday nights when you want exotic tacos and delicious tortilla chips, come down to Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge!


Bajo Sexto is located on Charlotte Avenue right down the street from Hattie B’s.  The restaurant has a bright and airy atmosphere, with an open floorplan allowing for natural light.  Bajo Sexto is casual enough that you can pop in in shorts but is also suitable for cute jeans and skirts.


Bajo Sexto prides itself on making all of its items from scratch, featuring many organic and local items on its delicious menu.  Best of all, everything on the menu is gluten free except for their enchiladas (which I have heard are delicious from my non-GF friends)!

One of my favorite items on Bajo Sexto’s menu is their “Gringo Queso.”  This unique appetizer pairs their AMAZING homemade tortilla chips, spicy mushrooms, and potato wedges with their original queso.  It’s the perfect way to start off a delicious meal!

Bajo Sexto’s street tacos are delectable also.  Their menu currently features mix-and-match options of pulled chicken, pork & scallions, duck, and baja fish.  While last night I opted for two chicken tacos (which were 10/10), one of my friends went for the pork & scallions and said it was “the best taco she’d ever eaten.”

Bajo Sexto’s 100% Organic, GF Tortilla Chipotle Chicken Tacos! (only $3.50 each)

In terms of side items Bajo Sexto has your classic Mexican rice and frijoles negros (black beans), but they also recently added “crispy brussel sprouts,” which I tried last night.  And it was a great decision!  The brussel sprouts were perfectly roasted with a touch of spice, making them the perfect complement to my chicken tacos.

The “Crispy Brussel Sprouts.” Delicious. End of story.

For a full list of Bajo Sexto’s delicious options, go to their website!

So if you want some reasonably priced (my meal came out to be about $15) and delicious gluten free Mexican, head down to Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge!  I know you won’t regret it.

¡Hasta Luego!

Music City Celiac


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